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Les Aiguilles d'Arves  vues de Charvin ( France )
The road gets down from the Cret's hamlet and then, in a long lace, slowly bend to the right, down to the Charvin's Bridge ( Alt:808m) and cross the narrow ravine of Merderel, which is
the torrent of Villarembert.
There, on the right, starts a good short-cut  for walkers, through  Charvin , taking us to La Breviere and the road with magnificent outlooks. The "aiguilles d'Arves" appears in the background of the bushes and woods. Looking down on the left, the Arvan thread its sinister and narrow way  between naked steep rock faces.
Winding, the road climbs slowly the mountain, gets very close to the small Charvin's Church, (990m), decorated with paintings from Charles Tavarel ( 1812-1869), a Native "Savoyard".
After dangerous bend, the road comes back higher, with a very nice outlook, dominating  Charvin's Church . 
Then, letting the valley back, it leaves from La Breviere, (1029m), and starts a long
and stiff climb again. We cross many beautiful fresh and woody sites, and arrive at the top where the road get through a first very short tunnel (Alt:1276m), immediately forwarded by another longer one, le Maupas, crossing over a very steep abyss,  and a third long one (500m long ). 
At the end of that "Grand tunnel", (alt:1281m), we can see on the left an old house, reserved to roadworkers of the municipality, which is right on the hedge of  "la Combe Genin", a dreadful  avalanches passage's place.
A last little tunnel, and there is one of the most beautiful view overlooking the road, and 

                        The Three Aiguilles d'Arves.

Down is the sinuous Arvan and we can see on the left Montrond's Church's steeple pointing out of  fir's woods...

                  (this my Eng. interpretation of the description done by the "Guide bleu 1951". 
           Everything stay the same there, though now, Charvin church cannot be visited anymore. Marie )